Veiled Riviera


Discover Croatian coastal karst belt spotted by pine, cypress and olive groves in Dubrovačko Primorje region!

Dubrovačko Primorje stretches in the North-western territory of the southernmost Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The motorcycle venture starts in Dubrovnik and takes you to the village of Orašac and continues up the hill to the villages of Ljubač and Gromača. Secluded roads of Dubrovnik hinterland take you through picturesque villages that you pass by on your motorcycles. After the short break, the bike caravan continues to the sleepy villages of Mrčevo, Majkovi, Mravinca and Smokovljani, from where it gets back to the main motorway just by the medieval town of Ston and starts back to Dubrovnik. Out-of-the-way roads and veiled quaint hamlets and villages of Dubrovnik littoral guarantee the unique and unforgettable experience..

PRICE 134€ (999,00 HRK)
EXCURSION DURATION Full day, 6 hours
Days of the Week On request


  • Drive trough Dubrovačko Primorje
  • Intact landscape
  • Hidden roads


Conditions for drivers:

  • Minimum age – 28 years
  • Driving license A category (minimum 5 years experience)

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