Zapadna Hercegovina i Neretva vrhunska vina i više


Visit the four unique vineries of the Klek Nertva river region in Croatia and west Hercegovina region, Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • Private excursion from Dubrovnik to the Klek exclusive wineards;Staševica fileds,Čitluk Međugorje area & Zadro vinery with lunch(Bosnia & Hercegovina) with a guide commentary about the region
  • Visit the most exclusive vinery in Klek area with beutiful views form its vineyards then 1 winery in the Staševica filed (over 1 million vines) then follow to Bosnia & Hercegovina in Čitluk/Međugorje/Mostar area following by visit Zadro vinery with luch over the otheer side of famous Nertva river (Bosina & Hercegovina) with guided tastings of 3 to 5 wines at each winery
  • Taste Pošip, Mali Plavac,Zlatarica,Plavka,Trnjak,Žilavka & Blatina wines


NOTE: hours are aproximate (becuse all tour are private and are designed for custumer needs and therefore exclusive with maximum flexsibility of custumer needs and request)

  • 09:15 – The first to Bistrina river , quick oyster tasting stop (if guests like oysters ) **
  • 10:00 – At the first winery – Rizman, we will learn about the history of wine making in the Klek region. We will taste their 3 exclusive wines, Pošip;Mali Plavac with a little snack
  • 11:30 – On our trip towards Bosnia & Hercegovina wine regions we will stop in Staševica field, the largest production filed of wine in south Croatia of wine production of all necessary sorts for the region :Zilavka, Vranac, Cabernet Sauvignon,Plavka,Trnjak ,Merlot and many other demanded sorts. We will enjoy only chossen lovely authohtone wines of Zlatarica,Plavka and Trnjka with a fully enthusiasitic young wine maker Dario Gašpar in his own wine filed in the middle of beautiful nature.
  • 12:45 – We will drive up norht and arrive at Nuić Winery in Čitluk (south Bosnia & Hercegovina), which is the most modern and biggest vinery in Bosnia &Hercegovina where you will have degustation of typical their local autohtone wines their famous Žilavka, Blatina and more followed with some cheese and olives,olive oil and local pastry.
  • 14:30 – 15:00 – Zadro winery over the other side of Neretva river in the mountains, a very nice winery with its own restaurant. There we will taste a wide selection of their wines in their cellar -the sorts of Žilavka,Blatina and Vranac. Folllowing that we will have lunch in their restaurant with 3 course.
  • 16:00 – 16:30 – we will continue back to Dubrovnik area with different road through Popovo field and exit down to Slano, north Dubrovnik coast area, driving back to Dubrovnik.


  • When – Tours run from March through November, 7 days a week at 9:00am
  • Meeting Point – At your hotel reception if not otherwise agreed
  • Half day – 7.5 to 8 hrs approx.
  • Size – Minimum attendance for tour to run 2 people to maximum 8 people
  • Allergy friendly – Vegetarians and gluten free can be catered to
  • Difficulty – A few hundred yards of walking, some stairs to see cellars (some winery bathrooms wheelchair friendly)
  • Wines tasted – Pošip, Mali plavac, Zlatarica, Plavka and typical Hercegovina region wines Zilavka, Blatina, Trnjak etc.

Please note that it is possible to purchase the products you taste directly at the producers. The producers also ship to the EU & USA. Dubrovnik Experience tour operator does not take responsibility for purchases made at the producers so all enquiries about shipments and so forth should be made to the producers themselves.


  • Transfer & professional guide
  • Four winery visits, generous wine tastings (13 different wines during the tour), 3 course food lunch

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